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For those of you who don't know and actually might care, today is the anniversary of the LOST episode, LaFleur. One year ago, this brilliant episode (probably my all-time fav) hit the air-waves for the very first time and my LOST life was never the same:)

I now direct you to many awesome celebrations of this monumental moment in LOST history (well...for those of you who actually 'ship James/Juliet, that is :D):

[ profile] siobeehan has a celebration post here:

[ profile] pengyn has a celebratory picspam here:

[ profile] scandaloussteph has an anniversary post here:

and there's a lovely LaFleur picspam over on tumblr here:

As for me, I can't be bothered to picspam right now (and I'd never do them justice, anyway) so I shall simply LIST my favorite James/Juliet moments under this cut:

My current Top 5 J&J scenes )
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Probably the last of my rec posts, this one focuses on vids and vidders. Again, there was absolutely no way to pick each and every vid and vidder I love so if I didn't mention you, I apologize. I also tried not to re-list anyone I'd mentioned in the fic post (even though many of you excell at both :D)

Onto the recs:

Vid Recs )

Vidder Recs )

Also...I do have thoughts on Lost but those thoughts can be better explained by the lovely [ profile] pengyn with her awesome crack!cap:
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Snagged from

Note: I can't swear that these are, without a doubt, my Top 15 fav. couples (since I'm SUCH a ship-whore)...BUT...I am pretty confidant about the Top 11 :D. Also: I only chose from TV couples 'cause adding in movie/book would've been impossible to pick only 15!

1. Wash/Zoe (Firefly)
2. Helo/Athena (Battlestar Galactica)
3. Buffy/Faith (BTVS/AtS)
4. Owen/Tosh (Torchwood)
5. Sam/Kara (BSG)
6. Wes/Fred (Angel)
7. James/Juliet (Lost)
8. Doug/Carol (ER)
9. Willow/Tara (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
10. Logan/Veronica (Veronica Mars)
11. Adama/Roslin (BSG)
12. Jimmy/Kim (Third Watch)
13. Owen/Cristina (Grey's Anatomy)
14. Xander/Anya (BTVS)
15. Paul/Mellie (Dollhouse)


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