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+ Made for a challenge at [ profile] farscape_land

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Despite my somewhat disinterest in land-comms, I could not resist one devoted entirely to Farscape :D

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Since [ profile] femslash_land is going on hiatus all summer, I need something new to distract me from this horrid heat. Hence, I signed up for this shiny new multi-fandom beauty. Go join if you want.

[ profile] tvrealm

A landcomm for all things TV. With 3 different teams: Chiller (Crime & Thriller), Dramedy (Comedy/Drama) & Supernatural (Sci-Fi & Fantasy).
It doesn't matter what team you're on, you'll get to work with any tv show you heart desires!

[ Apply Here ] - Team sorting begins May 30th. The games begin June 1st.
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Do you enjoy femslash? Are you addicted to land-comms? Do you like socializing with cool people who share your love of both? Then THIS is the comm for you!!!

There are 4 completely awesome teams: Canon, Crossover, Sweeps (♥), & Subtext. Phase 2 just started this week so there's still plenty of time to get in on the fun! Go here or click on the graphic to apply for a team (PS: Sweeps seems to be the team no one wants but we are brilliant and we've already got one win to our name so you could help us make it 2 in a row!
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I'll try not to flood your flists with too many of these but here goes:

If you're a fan of the ShowCase series Lost Girl, come join us at [ profile] faeworld. Teams are divided into 'Light' & 'Dark' Fae and we've only just started so you haven't missed anything yet. If you do decide to join, please tell them I sent you. Apply here.
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I apologize for those of you who'll have to see this smattered all over your flist:)

Do You Like LOST ?
Do You Like Games ?
Do You Like Having Fun ?

Then This is the Place For You.

Click the banner

And if you could please use my name as a reference, I would really appreciate it! (Go Team DharmaDays!)
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First and foremost, some comm. pimping:

Are you a fan of Joss Whedon and his many brilliant television shows? Do you enjoy interactive communities full of awesome people who love the same things you do? Do you like trying your hand at games or enjoy writing about your favorite characters or want to brush up on your graphics-making skills? If so, you should head on over to [ profile] whedonland and join in on the fun. (And if you're really cool, you'll tell them I sent you and ask for Team Firefly :D) Just click on the banner below:

Also...How did I NOT know that the lovely Liz Mitchell shares a birthday with the handsome Nathan Fillion?! Apparently, I'm just a bad fangirl...Anyway:


They really should do a film together sometime. It would be epic. And Morena could totally hook that up:)! (I know Nathan was a guest in LOST once but they didn't work together so it really doesn't count)
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Click on the Banner!

ALSO...VOTE SAMANTHA CARTER! Dean may've saved our world a few times but Sam saved OTHER WORLDS, too! And she blew up a sun, for frak's sake! Sam and you'll be almost as awesome as she is:)
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So, this week marks my one-year anniversary on LiveJournal.

*does happy dance*

*tackle hugs flist*...Because you are all awesome :D

To acknowledge this milestone, I hope to make several rec posts this week, basically highlighting all of my favorite things about LJ.

First, I shall rec a few LJ communities that I've come to love over this past year :D

* [ profile] whedonland: For all of your Jossverse challange needs:)

* [ profile] camelot_love: An Arthur/Guinevere shipping comm, full of awesome people.'s VERY active :D

* [ profile] thesovereignty: A general comm for cool people...and their friends :D


* [ profile] red_temptation: My go-to for icons and GIFs

* [ profile] taking_shape: Lots of pretty can be found here

* [ profile] sinequaicon: An awesome graphics comm featuring some of my favorite flisters :D

* [ profile] iconseeyou: My go-to for snarky icons:)


* [ profile] daysofdharma

* [ profile] 2by2fics

* [ profile] ff_fanfic

In my next entry(ies), I will rec some of my favorite fic, vids, writers, and vidders...hopefully...if I remember and my laptop cooperates :D
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First, a very happy birthday to [ profile] inanna1130 for today & an early happy birthday to [ profile] agathon89. I hope you both have wonderful days:)

Also, I simply must rec two things today:

First, if you still haven't joined, please go check out [ profile] whedonland. It's such a fantastic community full of incredible people and we just have so much fun. (And if you want to have the MOST fun possible, you'll ask to be on Team Firefly...'cause we're awesome :D)

Now, I must rec a truly fantastic cross-over fic by [ profile] karate0kat. This is a BSG/Firefly fic of absolute brilliance and I guarantee you will LOVE it!!! Here's the masterlist for the chapter links:

Through the Looking Glass

It's a longer fic (19 chapters) but so worth the time, I promise!

And finally:

Snagged from [ profile] nothnbutherain

MEME time )
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So I took a stab at animated GIFs again and I think these turned out okay. Not great by any stretch of the imagination but passable. If anyone has any tips/tricks/etc on making GIFs, I’d really appreciate the info. Also, anyone know how to compress the animated icons so they fit LJ’s 40 KB limit? ‘Cause my Juliet ‘hugs’ icon was meant to be a James/Juliet hug but I couldn’t squeeze any of his frames in:( Feel free to snag anything you like.

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Also, [ profile] whedonland and [ profile] twelvecolonies are going through the last few days/weeks of the 1st round which means it’s the perfect time to sign up before the new one begins in October. Go join (Teams Firefly and Galactica)...or one of those lesser teams:)
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We just finished up Slayerfest over at [ profile] whedonland. That means it's the perfect time for new members so if anyone's interested, head over there right away!

Anyone on my flist a fan of Bones or Torchwood? The teams are very un-even at [ profile] bonesland and Teams Intern & Squint could definately use more members. Also, teams are still being organized over at [ profile] wholand so there's still time to join up. Team Unit could really use more members.

And I promise a non-comm related post in the near future :D.
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Pimping more stuff to my lovely flist. Any fans of Doctor Who or Torchwood should check out [ profile] wholand. I'm Team Torchwood!!!

So, I've pretty much settled on trying out all of these comms for the first round/apocalyse/whatever, seeing how they all run, then choosing one or two to stick with permanently.
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So I just joined a fabulous new Bones comm, [ profile] bonesland. I'm Team Squint (cause you get Hodgins, Angela, Zack, and Cam!!!) Plus, I'm very squinty.
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As if two challenge comms weren't enough, I went and joined a 3rd! All BSG fans, go check out [ profile] twelvecolonies. I'm Team Galactica!
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I've just joined ANOTHER challenge comm, this time for J.J. Abrams projects. Everyone be sure to check out [ profile] jjverse. I'm Team Oceanic/a.k.a Team LOST.
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Everyone: PLEASE go vote for Juliet "Badass" Burke at [ profile] prolix_allie's journal:

Let's at least get her to round 2!

A question for my flist:
How many of you have signed up at [ profile] whedonland? How many are still planning to? Which team did you get?

*waves* to team members and new friends.
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Yay! I just joined a great new community [ profile] whedonland. Totally thrilled that I got my first choice and am now on Team Firefly (a.k.a [ profile] the_browncoats)! Feel free to check it out and join in on the fun!


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