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Click on the banner to go to the main comm for the 'We Love The Women That Fandom Hates' week-long event.

Inara Serra .gifs

Inara uses her Companion-y wiles

Kaylee wishes Inara good sex

Inara + gun = OTP

Inara + Kaylee huggle

Inara + sword = WIN
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Here is my mulimedia bingo card for [ profile] scifiland. Fandoms used: BSG, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Farscape, Firefly, Lost, Misfits, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG1, Torchwood. Possible spoilers for all of the listed fandoms.

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+ I’ve added some new people/new comms to my flist lately and it’s a bit...overwhelming. So if I haven’t been commenting on your individual entries quite as often, this is the reason.

+ I’m working on a female character meme but until then, have some icons:

01. 02. 03.

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So I took a stab at animated GIFs again and I think these turned out okay. Not great by any stretch of the imagination but passable. If anyone has any tips/tricks/etc on making GIFs, I’d really appreciate the info. Also, anyone know how to compress the animated icons so they fit LJ’s 40 KB limit? ‘Cause my Juliet ‘hugs’ icon was meant to be a James/Juliet hug but I couldn’t squeeze any of his frames in:( Feel free to snag anything you like.

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Also, [ profile] whedonland and [ profile] twelvecolonies are going through the last few days/weeks of the 1st round which means it’s the perfect time to sign up before the new one begins in October. Go join (Teams Firefly and Galactica)...or one of those lesser teams:)
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And a Happy Birthday to [ profile] karate0kat. Hope it was a good one, babe :D.


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