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~ Note: This journal will now be friends only. Comment to be added but make sure you read my list of fandoms/etc first.

~ Note 1: This will be updated whenever I gain/lose interest in a fandom, ship, or character.
~ Note 2: Bolded ships are my absolute favorites

Battlestar Galactica:
Favorite Characters: KARA, Sam, Helo, Dee, Caprica, Athena, Tory, Boomer, Roslin, Baltar, Ellen + more
Favorite Ships: Kara/Sam, Kara/Athena, Kara/Dee, Tory/Roslin, Cally/Tory, Boomer/Caprica, Baltar/Caprica, Helo/Athena and more
Favorite Friendships: Kara & Helo, Dee & Gaeta, Roslin & Billy, Kara & Boomer
Least Favorite Characters/Ships: Cavil, Cain, Tyrol, Adama in the later seasons; Cain/Gina, Cavil/anyone, Tyrol/Cally

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
Favorite Characters: Anya, Faith, Buffy, Tara, Willow, Oz and more
Favorite Ships: Buffy/Faith, Faith/all the ladies, Xander/Anya, Giles/Anya, Willow/Tara, Willow/Oz
Crossover Ships: Fred/Willow, Faith/Wes, Faith/Wes/Lilah
Favorite Friendships/Family Ties: Scoobies, Anya & Andrew, Faith & the Mayor, Dawn & Buffy

Doctor Who:
Favorite Characters: River, Martha, Rory, Amy, 11, Clara, 12...all the women
Favorite Ships: River/Doctor, Amy/Rory/Eleven, Eleven/Clara, Amy/Rory, Vastra/Jenny, anything femslashy, Martha/Tosh (TW)
Favorite Friendships/Family Ties: River & the Ponds, Amy & Eleven, Martha & Donna, Twelve & Clara

Favorite Characters: AERYN, Chiana, John, Jool, Sikozu, Zhaan, D’argo
Favorite Ships: John/Aeryn, John/Aeryn/Chiana, Chiana/Jool, Chiana/Sikozu
Favorite Friendships: Aeryn & Zhaan, D'argo & Aeryn, everyone & Moya

Favorite Characters: ZOE, Inara, Wash, Simon, Kaylee, "Saffron", Mal, River, Book + Jayne
Favorite Ships: Zoe/Wash, Mal/River, Inara/Kaylee, Inara/Zoe/Wash, Mal/Simon, Zoe/Inara, Simon/Kaylee, Simon/Inara, Simon/Kaylee/Inara and more
Favorite Friendships/Family Ties: Simon & River, Mal & Zoe, Mal & Kaylee, Wash & Kaylee, Book & Jayne, Book & Inara, Kaylee & River
Least Favorite Ships: romantic Simon/River, romantic Mal/Zoe, Mal/Inara

How to Get Away with Murder
Favorite Characters: Annalise, Michaela, Laurel, Bonnie, Asher, Oliver, Eve
Favorite Ships: Annalise/Eve, Asher/Michaela, Laurel/Michaela, Bonnie/Annalise
Least Favorite Characters/Ships: Frank, Sam, the Mahoneys; Frank/Laurel, Frank/Bonnie, Annalise/Sam

Favorite Characters: DUTCH, Johnny, Alvis, D'av, Clara, Lucy...everyone basically
Favorite Ships: Dutch/Alvis, Dutch/D'av, Dutch/Seyah, Dutch/EVERYONE basically, Johnny/Clara
Favorite Friendships: Dutch+Johnny, Dutch+Johnny+D'av, Johnny+D'av, Dutch+Alvis, Dutch+Pree, Johnny+Pree, Clara+everyone, Johnny+Lucy

Favorite Characters: JULIET, Ana, Charlotte, Sawyer, Sun, Jin, Claire, Hurley, Shannon and more
Favorite Ships: Sawyer/Juliet, Daniel/Charlotte, Kate/Claire, Jin/Sun, Kate/Juliet, Sawyer/Ana, Shannon/Ana + more
Favorite Friendships: Hurley & Everyone, Left Behinders, Sun & Kate, Ana & Eko

Favorite Characters: NATASHA, Maria, Gamora, Sam, Jane...almost everyone else
Favorite Ships: Natasha/Melinda, Natasha/Steve, Natasha/Sam, Natasha/Steve/Sam, Natasha/everyone, Steve/Sam, Thor/Jane, Steve/Peggy
Least Favorite Characters: Loki

MCU TVverse (AoS, DD, JJ, LC):
Favorite Characters: CLAIRE, Jessica, Trish, Colleen, Melinda, Bobbi, Jemma, Tripp, Matt, Luke, Misty and more
Favorite Ships: Melinda/Natasha, Claire/Matt, Claire/Luke, Claire/Luke/Misty, Claire/Misty, Claire/Jessica, Jessica/Trish, Jessica/Luke, Claire/Luke/Jessica
Least Favorite Characters: Kilgrave, Grant Ward, Simpson, probably more I don't remember

Favorite Characters: Nikita, Alex, Michael, Sonya, Ryan, Amanda
Favorite Ships: Nikita/Michael, Nikita/Ryan, Nikita/Alex, Nikita/Amanda, Alex/Sean
Favorite Friendships: Team Nikita!

Once Upon a Time:
Favorite Characters: REGINA, Maleficent, Robin, Mulan, Emma (s1-4), Elsa, Anna, Zelena and more
Favorite Ships: Regina/Robin, Regina/Emma, Regina/Mal, Regina/Charming, Mulan/Aurora, Will/Anastasia, Regina/Snow/Charming, and more
Favorite Non-Romantic Relationships: Regina-Henry, Snow-Regina, Elsa-Anna, Robin-Roland, Zelena-Regina

Favorite Characters: NAEVIA, Crixus, Mira, Agron, Melitta, Oenomaus, Lucretia, Gannicus and more
Favorite Ships: Crixus/Naevia, Oenomaus/Melitta/Gannicus, Agron/Nasir, Naevia/Diona, Lucretia/Gaia, Mira/Spartacus and more
Favorite Friendships: Naevia & Mira, Crixus & Spartacus, Spartacus & Agron, Mira & Agron & Nasir, Nasir & Naevia, Spartacus & Naevia

Stargate SG1:
Favorite Characters: VALA, Cam, Sam, Daniel, Adria, Carolyn, Teal’c, Janet
Favorite Ships: Vala/Sam, Daniel/Vala, Cam/Sam, Vala/anyone, Daniel/Vala/Cam/Sam
Favorite Friendships: Cam & Sam & Vala & Teal'c & Daniel, Sam & Janet
Least Favorite Characters/Ships: Jack, Woolsey; Jack/Sam, Woolsey/anyone

Stargate crossover ships: (John)Cam/Elizabeth, Vala/John, John/Cam, Vala/Sam/Cam/John

Stargate Atlantis:
Favorite Characters: ELIZABETH, Teyla, Cadman, Ronon, Keller, John, Kate
Favorites Ships: John/Elizabeth, Teyla/Elizabeth, Ronon/Keller, Teyla/Keller, Ronon/Elizabeth, anything femslashy
Favorite Friendships: Elizabeth & John & Teyla & Ronon & McKay & Carson

The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow:
Favorite Characters: IRIS, Sara, Barry, Leonard, Cisco, Jesse, Joe, Linda, Amaya, Kendra, Wally, Mick and more
Favorite Ships: Barry/Iris, Sara/Nyssa, Iris/Sara, Wally/Jesse, Cisco/Cynthia, Sara/Leonard, Iris/Linda, Sara/Rip, Mick/Amaya, Iris/Eddie, Iris/Felicity, Sara/Felicity, Sara/Kendra, Sara/Amaya, Barry/Felicity

TVD/The Originals:
Favorite Characters: BONNIE, Rebekah, Elijah, Stefan, Marcel, Cami, Freya, Caroline, Enzo, Jenna, Katherine, Davina and more
Favorite Ships: Bonnie/Enzo, Elijah/Hayley, Stefan/Elena, Bonnie/Stefan, Rebekah/Marcel, Bonnie/everyone and more
Family Friendships/Family Ties: Bonnie & Caroline, Elijah & Rebekah, Rebekah & Freya, Marcel & Davina, Jeremy & Elena, Jenna & Elena, Bonnie & Grams, Stefan & Lexi, Pearl & Anna
Least Favorite Characters/Ships: Julian, Alaric, Shane, Silas, Damon, Sybil, most of the Originals' villains; Damon/Elena, Alaric/anyone, Julian/Lily, Lucien/Freya

The Walking Dead:
Favorite Characters: Andrea, Carol, Michonne, Sasha, Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Daryl, Jesus, Rosita and many more
Favorite Ships: Andrea/Michonne, Rick/Michonne, Daryl/Carol, Glenn/Maggie, Sasha/Rosita, Sasha/Maggie, Andrea/Rick, Tara/Rosita, Denise/Tara
Favorite Friendships/Family Ties: Andrea & Amy, Maggie & Beth, Michonne & Carl, Andrea & Carol, Maggie & Carol, Tara & Glenn, Maggie & Enid, Jesus & Maggie & Sasha & Enid
Least Favorite Characters/Ships: THE GOVERNOR, Ed, Pete, Merle, Ron, Negan, Dwight, Shane; 'Phillip'/Andrea, Shane/Lori, Rick/Jessie

Other Favorite Shows/Movies/Books+Comics:
Being Human UK (Mitchell/Annie), The West Wing, Parks and Recreation, Angel, Dollhouse, Legend of the Seeker, Misfits (Simon/Alisha), Revolution, The Bletchley Circle, The Secret Circle, Hart of Dixie, Bomb Girls, Being Human US (Sally/Aidan), Alias, The Killing, Cougar Town, My Mad Fat Diary, Orphan Black, Friday Night Lights, The L Word, Wonderfalls, Miranda, The Good Place, Timeless, Queen Sugar, The Newsroom, Outlander, Galavant, 12 Monkeys, Underground, Blindspot, Prison Break (Michael/Sara) | Veronica Mars | the Resident Evil franchise, Fast+Furious franchise, Pitch Perfect, Imagine Me and You | The Notebook, The Hunger Games, Divergent series | ASoIaF, the Parasol Protectorate series, Vampire Academy/Bloodlines, the Mercy Thompson series, The Walking Dead, Black Widow, Saga and many more

~ It should also be noted that this journal is very female character/femslash friendly so if you spend a lot of your fandom-related time bashing women or fem(slash) pairings, please don't ask to be added.

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