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It was time. If I cut you, it means we never really connected or we no longer have anything in common. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings but my flist had gotten way out of control and there were many people I just never talked to.

I also cut a lot of comms, including [ profile] whedonland. That was a really, really hard decision because I love that comm and I was there since it first opened but I no longer have the excitement for it that I once did. I am going to miss it, though. Whoever winds up on Team Firefly after the shuffle, I hope you guys kick butt! I will be keeping this one icon because Team Firefly will always be my team :)
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So I did a small(ish) friends-cut yesterday. Cuts are not fun on either end and I hate doing them but I like to actually get to know the people on my list. And sometimes we have a lot in common on paper but for whatever reason, we just don’t make it past pleasantries. I’m sorry if I upset anyone but I just think it’s kinda silly to keep people I rarely talk to. That said, this’ll be the last cut for a while, as I think I’ve assembled a pretty wonderful list of friends :D

And now for some initial reactions on Lost 6x06:

Sundown )
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Probably the last of my rec posts, this one focuses on vids and vidders. Again, there was absolutely no way to pick each and every vid and vidder I love so if I didn't mention you, I apologize. I also tried not to re-list anyone I'd mentioned in the fic post (even though many of you excell at both :D)

Onto the recs:

Vid Recs )

Vidder Recs )

Also...I do have thoughts on Lost but those thoughts can be better explained by the lovely [ profile] pengyn with her awesome crack!cap:
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Part two of my rec posts, this one focuses on fic and writer recs.

I wish I could've included every fic and author I've ever loved but the list would've been never-ending so...if I didn't rec you or your stories, I apologize. I picked many of these based on shipper love, especially for the non-canon 'ships.

Fic recs )

Writer Recs )

And for those of you to whom it applies:

Happy LOST Day!!!
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So, this week marks my one-year anniversary on LiveJournal.

*does happy dance*

*tackle hugs flist*...Because you are all awesome :D

To acknowledge this milestone, I hope to make several rec posts this week, basically highlighting all of my favorite things about LJ.

First, I shall rec a few LJ communities that I've come to love over this past year :D

* [ profile] whedonland: For all of your Jossverse challange needs:)

* [ profile] camelot_love: An Arthur/Guinevere shipping comm, full of awesome people.'s VERY active :D

* [ profile] thesovereignty: A general comm for cool people...and their friends :D


* [ profile] red_temptation: My go-to for icons and GIFs

* [ profile] taking_shape: Lots of pretty can be found here

* [ profile] sinequaicon: An awesome graphics comm featuring some of my favorite flisters :D

* [ profile] iconseeyou: My go-to for snarky icons:)


* [ profile] daysofdharma

* [ profile] 2by2fics

* [ profile] ff_fanfic

In my next entry(ies), I will rec some of my favorite fic, vids, writers, and vidders...hopefully...if I remember and my laptop cooperates :D
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Snagged from...just about everyone on my flist :D

If there is one person or more on your friends list who makes your world a better place just because they exist and who you would not have met (in real life or not) without the internet, then post this same sentence in your journal.

*huggles flist*

Also: A Poll!

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